Tuesday, June 26, 2012

sleepless in salem.

aside from not being able to sleep because i'm pregnant, cash has suddenly decided that sleeping all the way through the night is for losers.
he goes to bed in his own room just fine but somewhere between 11:30 and 4:00 he'll wake up and make his way into our room.
i've tried making him nap during the day to see if that helped (wow, it soooo didn't.)
i've tried adjusting his bedtime. which only resulted in making me crazy.
i've tried sending him back to his room in the hopes that he would eventually tire out and go back to bed (ha! ya freaking right.)
nate and i think he's realizing that his solo days with mom and dad are numbered and doesn't want sleep to  get in the way.
which is fine (and awfully cute) but man - i miss the days when i got to sleep without children elbowing me in the back or kicking me in the ribs.
thank god cash is an epic snuggler when he wakes up or i might smother him.

in other news, our garden is mostly alive.
we had some iffy days with one of our tomato plants - i thought for sure it was a goner but just last week it perked back up and is now full and leafy.
i don't think our carrots or onions are going to make it - i think they got into the ground too late.
and our watermelon and cantelope aren't looking so hot either.
but the lettuce and corn are thriving, the peppers look fantastic and the sunflowers survived their transfer from the pots to the ground.
the weeds and crabgrass are also thriving and i spend some time every day on my hands and knees pulling weeds. i can make crabgrass grow like nobody's business, apparently.
it's been rather rainy here off and on this june so we haven't needed to water much but when we do, cash MUST help.
it's awfully cute.

and last but not least, the countdown has begun - less than 2 weeks and everett will be here!

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