Monday, June 4, 2012

the crawford's grow stuff.

so we've been talking about planting a garden for a couple of years now but never could seem to get up the effort (or time) to do it.
which is a shame since we have the biggest yard in the universe and freakish soil that grows things when it shouldn't. (i'm of the opinion that my great-grandfather built the house on radioactive waste - its the only explanation.)
this year we had no excuse for not getting it done and voila! a garden was born.
nate tilled and got the ground ready, i planted (sidenote: i always helped my dad with our huuuuge garden growing up and let me tell you - i am so spoiled by the extra effort he put into getting the soil ready. it was like planting in powder. nate's? not so much. heh heh.) and i am basically in charge of keeping everything alive and free of weeds. no small feat, i might add.
i planted 2 weeks ago and we are already seeing corn, lettuce, sunflowers and melon sprout up. all of the plants are surviving with the exception of one tomato that seems to be on its deathbed. no sign of carrots or onions yet though that end of the garden is so full of tiny weeds its hard to tell the difference.
in any case, i'm damn proud of my little garden that (so far) i've managed to actually make things grow in.
here's to hoping we actually get some produce out of it this summer!

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  1. Carrots have a very long germination period - especially if the soil isn't pretty damp. I think ours took 3 weeks? The weather we are having now should speed things up.