Friday, June 8, 2012

these two.

since i can no longer sleep comfortably at night, i can no longer form coherent sentences.
bullet points it is!
-- you can always tell when nate has been working for a couple of days because as soon as he gets home, cash is attached to him like glue.
-- he's also started calling him 'nate' - oops. nate has always been better about calling me 'mom' or 'mommy' around cash. i'm working on it.
-- when nate leaves for work at night, cash has to wave to him from the back door until he pulls around towards the front of the house. then he races to the living room window to wave as he continues down the driveway.
-- cash really needs his 'guy time' and i'm so thankful that nate is finally starting to pick up on it. now, he'll take him on 'guy' errands without a second thought.
-- when nate gets home from work in the morning, cash runs to the back door squealing, "daaaaddddyyyyyyy!!" in that high pitch tone only little boys seem to possess.
-- i love watching how close they are - i hope they are best friends for life.

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