Saturday, July 28, 2012

the air museum.

cash is currently obsessed with airplanes, so we thought it would be fun to go to the evergreen aviation and space museum while nate was on his 'baby vacation.' really wasn't.
i mean, cash was STOKED when we first walked in and it was wall to wall planes.
the squeal he emitted was something only dogs could hear, i'm pretty sure.
but he got bored fast - we barely made it halfway through before he had an epic meltdown.
we prolonged our stay a little bit once we got into the 'kid friendly' zone (normally, at the first meltdown i would have be done, but we spent $40 to get into the museum and dammit i was going to make it count!)
once it was clear we weren't going to last another second in there, we headed across the parking lot to the 'space' portion of the museum only to be sidetracked by a really cool playground.
had we known that was there, we would have just spent our morning there (especially since it was free.)
nate and i took turns going through the space museum (a whirlwind tour, which was a shame because it was way cooler and more interesting than the airplane portion - definitely have to plan another trip there once cash gets a little older.)
we finally managed to pry cash away from the playground, picked up lunch and headed home.
another lesson in not having high expectations for an outing with 2 young kids because let's face it - that's a recipe for failure.

and this is officially the first picture of us as a family of four. (FOUR. insane.)
the cutest old man stopped us and asked if he could take a picture of us in front of this plane (he was one of the volunteers and i got the impression he used to fly one of these. he was adorable.)
i'm so glad he did.

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