Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the birth.

the night before we were scheduled for surgery, i couldn't sleep. i was up every half hour and by the time my alarm went off, i was ready to get to the hospital and just get it over with already. 
the morning was a flurry of getting ready, snuggling with cash, packing the car and trying not to freak out. 
we left in a rush as soon as amanda got to our house.
once we checked in and they got me all hooked up to monitors, we sat and waited (quite impatiently, i might add) for our turn in the OR. we ended up going in a half hour late - nate was pacing the room like a caged animal (he doesn't do well with sitting still.) 

we were given the green light to head to the OR about 9:30.
the room was freezing - like a meat locker. i was shivering so bad they had to shroud me in warmed blankets   like a mummy. 
[can i just mention for a moment how freaking AWESOME every single person we had contact with at the salem hospital was? because they were. there was a nurse in the operating room whose sole purpose (as far as i could tell) was to take pictures for us. seriously.]
everything that happened in the OR is a little fuzzy - i remember my doctor cracking lots of jokes, it being far more uncomfortable than i remember, everett squirmed so much as they were trying to get him out that he ended up with a black eye and the first thing one of the nurses said once he was born was, "oh my gosh - look at all his hair!" 
with cash, neither nate or i saw him before he got all cleaned up. 
this time, we got to see everett in all his bloody, gross glory. with pictures to prove it (sorry kid. i'm just as scarred as you will be.) 
nate and i couldn't get over how much he looked like cash. 
in fact, once they put the hat on him, i honestly wouldn't have been able to tell you the difference. 
his face started to change pretty quickly and by the next day, ev looked very much like his cute little self. 
we were in recovery for a little over 2 hours. 
for some reason, it took a long time for me to get the feeling back in my feet. 
i still couldn't wiggle my toes when we were moved to our room. 
once i could, the nurse joked, "well, at least we know you aren't paralyzed!" 
she ended up being my favorite - she even sent us a card once we were home. 
i sort of want to send her flowers. 
cash came to visit later that afternoon. 
i wish i could say it was all sunshine and rainbows, but he was pretty terrified. 
thrilled to see and hold the baby. 
scared shit-less to see me in a hospital bed with an IV hanging out of my hand. 
when he came the next day, he wouldn't even get near me to give me a kiss. (i totally cried about it after he left. hello, hormones!) 
i convinced my nurse to remove my IV before my doctor said it was ok. (heh.)
and i called the nurse's station promptly at 9 o'clock monday evening to have my catheter removed so i could get out of bed (which was the soonest they would do it.)
i walked around a couple times that night and felt pretty great.
the first time i got up in the morning hurt like hell, not gonna lie.
and if i waited too long to pee, i really regretted it.
i walked laps around the that floor as often as possible and by wednesday morning, i was ready to go.
so i convinced my doctor to let me leave a day early (i can be very persuasive.)
i even had my nurse call him wednesday afternoon because he still hadn't been in to give the go ahead for me to go home (turns out, it was his day off. i totally made my doctor come in on his day off to discharge me. sorry dude.)
once we got home, we promptly turned around to head to target (to fill my prescriptions and pick up pull-ups for cash) and then went and got pizza. all very stupid ideas because the next morning my incision hurt so bad i cried (and took the good, strong painkillers - the first time i had to take them since my surgery.)
it was tough getting in and out of bed the first few nights and cash accidentally kicked me right in my incision one time (ya. that hurt.) but all in all, recovery wasn't too bad.
and that's the story of everett being born.

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  1. The pictures are beautiful! You look great in all of those pictures-amazing! You will have to post side by side pictures of Cash as a baby and Everrett!