Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the blur.

our first days home have involved a lot of sweet newborn snuggles and bleary late night feedings.
this boy loves to eat. just like his brother did.
sometimes i'm fairly certain he is going to suck the life right out of me.
and since i'm completely incapable of coherent sentences right now, some things i don't want to forget:
-- piper has suddenly turned into a protective mama bear - if she's not on her bed, she's parked herself wherever everett happens to be. right in front of his bouncer, crib, the door to our bedroom - she's on guard duty. we've always thought she was a good dog (minus the whole 'running away' thing) but this just melts my heart.
-- the cat has taken 0 interest in everett whatsoever. one time she climbed into my lap and sniffed at him, but i think she only did that because i was focusing on him and not her. she is escaping to the basement more and more these days to get away from the children. she also has grown an insane amount just in the few days we were gone - our first night back, nate commented that he thinks she lost weight while we were gone. and then he picked her up and we realized, nope - she's just growing into those ginormous paws of hers. she's going to be a big one.
-- nate has been an amazing help and i'm so thankful that he took 2 weeks off to be at home with us. sure, he gets on my nerves (i'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual) but i've got to say - having someone else go up and down the stairs to do laundry has felt like a vacation. and thanks to some awesome friends (lee and heather, i'm looking at you!) and my obsessive planning, i haven't had to cook a single meal. winning.
-- recovery this time around has been a snap too - the first full day home was rough; i attempted way too much on our first night home and realized that i couldn't get out of bed without some help so...it was rough. but i've been doing pretty fantastic ever since. i even managed to put on a pair of skinny jeans the other day - i still can't get them buttoned (ha!) but i can wear them! felt good.
-- everett's actually a pretty good sleeper. he'll snooze for a good 4 hour stretch at night, which is amazing. the rest of the night he'll be up every 2 hours or so...the bummer part is the 4 hour stretch is typically from 8-12 which means...i go to bed early :)
-- cash has been pretty darn fantastic with all the changes. he loves everett and asks to kiss and hold him. and in the morning when everyone is at their snuggliest, you can find at least 3 of us in bed cuddling. it's pretty awesome. not to say that he hasn't had his moments - we took him to the air museum yesterday and it was a bit of a behavioral disaster. but we're all managing. honestly, i think he's having a harder time adjusting to nate being home all the time then everett being here - seriously. those two are as close as dad and son can get but they can push each others buttons (and frequently do) like no one else on this earth. which means i spend a lot of my days listening to the two of them argue and fight. i know that part of this is due to him being a bit more ornery than usual (i didn't realize that was possible, but guess what? it is.) and i think that has to do with ev. and i can tell he is feeling a bit more sensitive than normal too, which nate doesn't always pick up on...so then they get into arguments. which means i'm left with a crying boy and a frustrated husband BUT - it could be worse.

so far, our family of four? is awesome.

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