Saturday, July 7, 2012

the end.

i never thought we'd get here, but here we are: the end.
some things i don't want to forget:
-- my last days i'm going to spend pregnant just so happen to coincide with 90 degree weather in oregon. which sucks.
-- i'm trying really hard not to just eat ice cream all day...i've only been marginally successful.
-- despite my all consuming love for ice cream, i managed to only gain 22 pounds and could still fit into some of my pre-pregnancy jeans (not comfortably, mind you. but they still fit.) in the end, i only had a total of 2 or 3 shirts that would completely cover the belly though.
-- my belly button never popped out (huzzah!) i thought for sure it would this time, but apparently my belly button is made of super stretch material.
-- it feels to me like everett has exceptionally strong legs like cash did - there are times that he'll stretch and i swear my skin is going to burst right open. that or he's seriously going to crack a rib.
-- no amount of berry picking, gardening or weeding could convince this boy to come early. my uterus is apparently quite comfortable.
-- having a planned c-section is the weirdest thing. i've spent the last week manically cleaning the house, preparing food for nate, cash and everyone who is watching him while i'm in the hospital, picking blueberries, trying to get the garden as weed-free as possible. it's been nice to be so prepared, but i'm starting to run out of things to do.'s hot.
-- i've really wanted to spend the last few weeks enjoying this pregnancy as much as possible since we know this is the last pregnancy for us but...that's been a struggle. it's hard to appreciate the now painful kicks and movements when you can't breath, you have heartburn so bad you fee like you can breath fire and one hip feels like it's going to fall off. it's a magical time.
-- by this time monday, i'll be gearing up for surgery. i'm anxious but mostly because i just want him to be here. we can't wait to meet you sweet boy.

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