Thursday, August 30, 2012

this one.

-- still wakes up 2-3 times a night. (when is this going to be over? soon, right everett? RIGHT?)
-- gives his biggest smiles to his brother.
-- can't sleep in his crib or pack-n-play during the day because apparently its too quiet.
-- speaking of sleeping, he can sleep through ANYTHING. the perk of being the second child i guess.
-- he's outgrowing clothes left and right. i call him chubs.
-- he's just a bundle of awesome.

Monday, August 27, 2012

a first.

despite cash being so vivacious and full of energy that never stops, he's never actually hurt himself that bad.
not for like of trying, mind you.
but he's managed to escape serious injury.
until yesterday.
when we took our poor little dude to the ER for some stitches in his upper lip.
2 to be exact (the doctor wanted to do 3 but decided not to prolong the torture anymore.
it was awful.
like, the worst experience of my life so far.
i hope i never have to witness my sweet boy being restrained, him screaming for us to help him, for the doctor to stop.
it was awful. did i say that already? well, it was.
today he's been pretty subdued.
his lip is huge and i'm constantly hounding him not to pick at the stitches.
but i think he's going to live. popsicles with every meal certainly isn't hurting.

this boy loves his baby brother. it's quite darling.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

dudes. it is HARD to find the time to sit down and write on ye old blog.
like. hard.
i never used to be a huge 'facebook-er' because if i had something to say, i'd write it down here.
times have changed my friends.
damn smart phones.
lots going on over here at the la casa crawford.
mostly involving pee, both human and cat.
but some other stuff too.
unfortunately, i'm going to have to leave you hanging - everett is screaming. (i told you this was hard.)
ta-ta for now.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

a family of four.

i'm going to be sharing pictures for days...
i had about a million 
favorites from this shoot. 
thanks again heather!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

random thursday thoughts.

-- it's freaking hot out. like, over 100 degrees hot. its making doing anything productive really challenging. it also means that i purchase and am wearing a pair of shorts. something i haven't done since i was in like, the 7th grade.
-- we've begun the long and arduous house buying process - there's nothing quite like trying to nurse while wrestling important paperwork out of a toddlers sticky hands, good times my friends, good times.
-- we picked our first veggie out of the garden the other day - proud moment. our tomato plants are LOADED and I'm eagerly awaiting the day the damn things ripen so i can stop buying them at the store.
-- cash is OBSESSED with the sound of music. right now, if the tv is on at our house, it's playing the sound of music.
-- everett is sleeping for a good 5 hour stretch each night (sometimes six!) but unfortunately it's from 7 pm to midnight. after midnight is the time to party apparently. i'm very, very tired.
-- we started up our at home pre-school again last week. the first few days were rough. really rough. but he's starting to get into it again. kinda.

and that's basically our life right now.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

cash in august.

can i just take a moment to ask, who the heck is that grown up looking boy? 

-- we've started doing preschool stuff again and he's hating it. it's a daily struggle right now. 
-- he loves on everett like you would not believe (and we all thought he loved cats - babies are clearly where its at.) he even asks to snuggle with him every night before bed and frequently falls asleep with his arm around him. it's the cutest thing in the world. 
-- he still ignores us. a lot. he's slowly (very slowly) getting better but it's still something we struggle with. as are tantrums. when can the door slamming and eye rolling begin? i'd gladly take that over these tantrums. seriously. i know i shouldn't be embarrassed when we're out in public and should just ignore the stares blah, blah, blah but it's hard when the noises coming out of your child sound like that of a caged animal. 
-- i think it's safe to say that he's totally potty trained (holla!) with the exception of night time. he still won't pee in the 'big' toilet so if we go anywhere for any length of time, our lovely potty chair goes with us. it's a small price to pay for no more diapers. 
-- he jabbers constantly but i can only decipher about half of it. and i've discovered that if he doesn't know the word for something, he'll just start shouting out words that he does know until i tell him the correct one.
-- i made the mistake of showing him the sound of music the other day and now he's obsessed. that boy loves his musicals. 

he's a challenge but man, i love this boy. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

the one month old.

everett - you're one month old! parts of it felt like it flew by...other parts, not so much (you know, those nights that you decided to wake every other hour? that sucked.) in spite of all that not sleeping you're doing, you're a pretty laid back kid so far. (thank god.) as long as your belly is full and a binkey is nearby, you're good to go. your momma appreciates that.

you should also know that your big brother loves on you more than anything else on this earth. even his precious cars don't hold a candle to how awesome he thinks you are. just something to remember in a few years when all you two do is fight.

we love you baby.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

escaping the heat.

last weekend we experienced the hottest day of the year in our part of the world (for the record, it was a 103.)
we were supposed to get family photos taken by our awesome friend heather but after seeing the forecast, promptly rescheduled and made plans to head to the coast.
it was, literally, the most amazing day.
the drive was uneventful, the weather was amaaaaazing (if you've never been to the Oregon coast - it's cold. all the time. like, 'packing sweaters and coats in the summer time' cold. it was 80 that day.) we managed to catch nate's uncle at his beach house (thus securing a 'home base' for lunch and rest time - his uncle was so sweet for letting us crash his day,) everett slept basically all day, and cash didn't have A SINGLE tantrum (not even on the long walk back to the house from the beach.)
nate said it was one of those days he'd remember fondly when the kids are grown.

Friday, August 3, 2012

this one.

the first question people always ask after, "how's everett?" is, "how's cash handling it?"
and i typically answer with, "great." which isn't far from the truth.
he loves ev and dotes on him constantly. it's pretty sweet.
but he's started having some behavior issues with us - mostly ignoring us when we talk to him and being deliberately naughty (to the point that i want to scream.)
and tantrums - oh, the tantrums.
i know it's just his way of getting attention from us.
and i'm grateful that he isn't taking out his frustrations on everett but MAN. i'm ready for this phase to be over.
i've discovered if i make sure to spend some dedicated, one on one time with him every day, he's more agreeable.
and frequent trips to the park doesn't hurt.
so i'm getting our preschool curriculum prepped, planning lots of park outings and researching tap dance classes for him (finally.)
and i'm crossing my fingers that the "terrible three's" stage will just hurry up and be over with.
toddlers - they aren't for the faint of heart, i tell you.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

photo bomb.

everett had been home a couple of days when i attempted getting some shots for his birth announcement.
of course, cash couldn't resist the urge to photo bomb.
that's just how he rolls.