Monday, August 27, 2012

a first.

despite cash being so vivacious and full of energy that never stops, he's never actually hurt himself that bad.
not for like of trying, mind you.
but he's managed to escape serious injury.
until yesterday.
when we took our poor little dude to the ER for some stitches in his upper lip.
2 to be exact (the doctor wanted to do 3 but decided not to prolong the torture anymore.
it was awful.
like, the worst experience of my life so far.
i hope i never have to witness my sweet boy being restrained, him screaming for us to help him, for the doctor to stop.
it was awful. did i say that already? well, it was.
today he's been pretty subdued.
his lip is huge and i'm constantly hounding him not to pick at the stitches.
but i think he's going to live. popsicles with every meal certainly isn't hurting.

this boy loves his baby brother. it's quite darling.

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