Wednesday, August 8, 2012

escaping the heat.

last weekend we experienced the hottest day of the year in our part of the world (for the record, it was a 103.)
we were supposed to get family photos taken by our awesome friend heather but after seeing the forecast, promptly rescheduled and made plans to head to the coast.
it was, literally, the most amazing day.
the drive was uneventful, the weather was amaaaaazing (if you've never been to the Oregon coast - it's cold. all the time. like, 'packing sweaters and coats in the summer time' cold. it was 80 that day.) we managed to catch nate's uncle at his beach house (thus securing a 'home base' for lunch and rest time - his uncle was so sweet for letting us crash his day,) everett slept basically all day, and cash didn't have A SINGLE tantrum (not even on the long walk back to the house from the beach.)
nate said it was one of those days he'd remember fondly when the kids are grown.

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