Thursday, August 16, 2012

random thursday thoughts.

-- it's freaking hot out. like, over 100 degrees hot. its making doing anything productive really challenging. it also means that i purchase and am wearing a pair of shorts. something i haven't done since i was in like, the 7th grade.
-- we've begun the long and arduous house buying process - there's nothing quite like trying to nurse while wrestling important paperwork out of a toddlers sticky hands, good times my friends, good times.
-- we picked our first veggie out of the garden the other day - proud moment. our tomato plants are LOADED and I'm eagerly awaiting the day the damn things ripen so i can stop buying them at the store.
-- cash is OBSESSED with the sound of music. right now, if the tv is on at our house, it's playing the sound of music.
-- everett is sleeping for a good 5 hour stretch each night (sometimes six!) but unfortunately it's from 7 pm to midnight. after midnight is the time to party apparently. i'm very, very tired.
-- we started up our at home pre-school again last week. the first few days were rough. really rough. but he's starting to get into it again. kinda.

and that's basically our life right now.

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