Friday, August 3, 2012

this one.

the first question people always ask after, "how's everett?" is, "how's cash handling it?"
and i typically answer with, "great." which isn't far from the truth.
he loves ev and dotes on him constantly. it's pretty sweet.
but he's started having some behavior issues with us - mostly ignoring us when we talk to him and being deliberately naughty (to the point that i want to scream.)
and tantrums - oh, the tantrums.
i know it's just his way of getting attention from us.
and i'm grateful that he isn't taking out his frustrations on everett but MAN. i'm ready for this phase to be over.
i've discovered if i make sure to spend some dedicated, one on one time with him every day, he's more agreeable.
and frequent trips to the park doesn't hurt.
so i'm getting our preschool curriculum prepped, planning lots of park outings and researching tap dance classes for him (finally.)
and i'm crossing my fingers that the "terrible three's" stage will just hurry up and be over with.
toddlers - they aren't for the faint of heart, i tell you.

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