Thursday, October 4, 2012

The saga of pippen.

So its no major secret that Pippen has been walking on thin ice around here.
From a bladder infection to fleas to peeing on my floor every morning, I was ready to give her the boot.
She managed to escape outside and Nate and I figured she was gone.
But that night she was at the back door, meowing to get in.
The next morning I realized, for the first time in months, she hadn't peed on our floor.
So I let her back outside. And that afternoon she came back in, willingly, and with a lovely present of a dead gopher just outside our door
And you know what? She hasn't peed since.
I can not BELIEVE that this whole time she has been acting out time because she wanted to go outside.
That cat is going to give me gray hairs.

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