Thursday, October 18, 2012

The worried look.

Everett always has a vaguely worried expression on his face.
I suppose if your big brother was as rambunctious as Cash is, you'd look worried all the time too.
It cracks me up.
In other news, he's been routinely sleeping through the night for a week (average of 11 hours straight - holla!)
He's already having teething pains, which is laaaaame. It has him crying for an hour at a time during the day, for no real reason at all. It's awesome. I vaguely recall Cash going through the same thing starting at about this age (I blocked it out, obviously.) Cash still didn't get any teeth until he was almost one. Good times.
He has a killer bald spot in the back of his head but has managed to keep hair pretty much every where else (including his awesome mohawk that strangers ALWAYS comment on. And no, I don't purposefully do that to his hair - it sticks up like that all on its own. I just comb it.)
He wants to eat real food so bad already. Homeboy needs to get some better neck control before that happens.
Most of the time, he likes to fall asleep on his own. It's freaking GLORIOUS. And completely throws me for a loop since Cash was the complete opposite. There have been countless times that I've laid him down out of frustration because he was being so dang fussy and then he goes and falls asleep almost instantly. Weird kid.
Cash is still his number one fan. The way he loves on him just melts me.
He's ticklish right underneath his 3rd chin (yes, he has 3.) His laugh is awesome.
He hates tummy time. HATES. But a part of me isn't in any hurry to have him start mastering moving around. He can stay immobile for as long as he wants.

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