Monday, October 1, 2012


-we slept in thanks to both kids having pooptastrophes at 5 am.
-I had some deer visitors in my garden nibbling my tomatoes.
-I washed walls and spackled holes all morning.
-Cash ripped yet another movinh box making a fort. And here I thought I wouldn't need to buy more boxes.
-Got news that we are super close to closing on our house.
-Cash unrolled and crinkled an entire roll of contact paper.
-I lost my temper, yelled and immediately felt like the worst parent ever. (Yes, those 2 things are related.)
-I made delicious, cheesy sauce to go with our gnocchi for dinner to make myself feel better.
-I'm going to spend my evening watching ridiculous tv and painting my nails. It's gonna get wild.

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