Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012


This year, Cash is soooo into Christmas.
We saw Santa walking around at the mall the other day and he stopped dead in his tracks, pointed and said, "Santa!"
He happily delivered cookies to all of our neighbors (he would knock and yell, hellooooo? Mer Christmas!)
And when we took him to see the Keizer lights I thought his head would explode with happiness.
It's the best.
Christmas morning is going to be epic.

Monday, December 17, 2012

After a week full if tragedy and horror in this country, I'm feeling raw and emotional.
I have no true personal ties to the victims in Connecticut, aside from simply being a mother, and yet I can't shake the sorrow.
I don't have anything particularly profound to say, but I do know I've been holding my boys extra tight and talking seriously (very seriously) about homeschooling.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


It's feeling a bit neglected over here.
Not having a computer is really cramping my style!
Anyway, this is whats been going on in the Crawford house:
- Cash  has been successfully going on the "big" toilet for long enough that I can no longer call it a fluke. Dude - its awesome. I threw that damn potty chair straight in the garbage. It was a good day.
- Everett had his 4 month check up this week (which in our house is the 5 month check up because I always forget to schedule them) and he's doing great. He is almost the exact same height Cash was but is 3 pouds lighter. Cash was a real fat ass, apparently. The shots really did him in - he threw up a couple times that afternoon and cried for 3 days straight. Or at least it felt that way.
- Amanka and I got all of the Christmas presents wrapped the other night (winning.) We've got a couple people left on our list then we're DONE.
- I'm ridiculously excited to have neighbors to bake Christmas cookies for.
And some phone pictures as of late (I may have a slight instagram obsession.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The almost 5 month old.

He's still not quite rolling over (which I'm fine with - immobile is kinda nice.)
He can basically sit up on his own - he tends to fall forward on his face alot.
He loves Cash more than anyone else.
He eats 3 square 'real' food meals a day - he has for several weeks. His favorite is sweet potatoes.
And I'll do just about anything to make him laugh - its the best.
We love this little dude.