Thursday, January 10, 2013

The 6 month old.

Some nights he sleeps for almost 12 hours straight. It's the bomb. Mostly, he goes for 9-10 straight. Thank god both my boys have been good sleepers.
He refuses to eat pureed vegetables all of the sudden. So now I have to mix everything. Banana and avocado is his favorite.
He lights up with a great big smile when he sees Nate.
He chuckles instead of laughing. It's hilarious.
He would much rather play with Cash's toy then his own.
In order to sleep, he has to be swaddled tight. If an arm breaks loose, he wakes up instantly.
He's slowed down on nursing. When he does, he gets easily distracted. Which often ends up in me being bitten. Sigh.
His hair continues to be INSANE. I tried combing it flat the other day and the next morning he looked like Donald Trump. Not doing that again.
He sits up like a pro but still won't roll over.
And we pretty much can't imagine our family without him.
We love you Chubs- happy half birthday!

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