Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A little announcement.

If you follow me on instagram (which, you should. Because you know you can't get enough pictures of my kids. Heh.) you know that I've recently become obsessed with knitting.
Like, crazy obsessed.
So I decided to open a new etsy shop.
Expect shameless plugs regarding that little venture in the coming future.
Which leads me to the second part of the announcement...the reason I decided to try my hand at selling them as opposed to...I don't know, hanging onto them like some sort of crazy hoarder or something: we have decided to homeschool our boys. And we will be using the proceeds from the shop to help pay for curriculum, supplies and the like.
It's something that we have been talking about, thinking on, researching and soul searching for well over a year now.
And it's something that we just feel is right for our boys. At least for the time being.
Just about every person we've told has had a, "What the hell?" sort of look on their face.
Which - we get it. Perhaps we're not the "typical" homeschool type.
But the fact of the matter is, we believe that the way our society educates our youth is broken.
Not that there aren't great teachers and schools out there - there are. I even know some personally. (Teachers, that is.)
We just feel that our kids would benefit from something different. A more classical education that focuses more on learning and less on so-called, "social skills."
Which isn't to say that we're going to make our kids hermits or something - we're going to get them involved in sports, music/theater/art classes...whatever interests them. And I'm actively on the search for a local homeschool group to make friends.
We just want our kids to not be hindered by poor or un-even educating, especially in the elementary school years when they should be building the foundations for learning that they'll use for the rest of their lives. (Read Susan Wise's A Well Trained Mind - changed my LIFE.)
No one can argue that there are things about going to a "regular" school that are positive and impossible to replicate.
But for us, the negatives outweigh the positives ten-fold.
And so, we homeschool.
Feel free to judge. To ask, "Aren't you worried your kids are going to be weird?" (In a word, no.) To raise your eyebrows and gossip about it amongst your friends. Again, we get it. Just the term "homeschool" brings to mind images of pasty, anti-social kids with religious zealots for parents. It's not exactly a popular choice.
But as they say, "What is popular, isn't always right. And what is right, isn't always popular."
[I thought it should be noted that we realize homeschooling isn't for everyone. Sending your kids to public or private school does not, in our opinion, make you a lesser parent.]

The 7 month pictures.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Today I have a naked Viking in the house.
Everett is finding new and interesting things to eat off the floor.
And I ran out of coffee creamer.
Situation normal.

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm a knitting fool lately.
I fully admit to buying stretchy pants for Everett in the little girl's section at Target. I hate little boy sweatpants - they look like Hammer pants to me. Not cute. Also, nothing is cuter than a little baby in skinny pants.
Cash has been insisting on wearing as many layers as possible lately. Which means my laundry basket is out of control.
Nate is going to be gone most of this weekend and I'm already dreading it. This momma could use a break.
Everett has been sleeping longer and longer at night (11.5 hours straight the other night!) But it means morning naps are a thing of the past. I'm not ready for this.
And that was quite possibly the most random stream of things I've written in awhile. I need more coffee.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It felt like spring.
We enjoyed the sunshine streaming through our windows.
And pretended like we don't still have months of rain ahead of us.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I love how they love each other.
For now.

[[This picture is months old...I just love it. Even though it's super grainy.]]

Monday, February 18, 2013


I have 2 boys with tummy troubles.
I wore leggings as pants in public (something I swore I would NEVER do.)
I have abandoned all housework for the day.
I'm trying to not drink another cup of coffee today...even though Everett woke me up 5 times last night and I desperately need it.
And that's my day.

Making a move.

This little blog has a new home.
I figured it was time to retire the ol' blog with my maiden name in it...going on being married for 4 years and all. :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Crawford Four.

I could talk for days about how awesome this shoot was and how much I love every single photo.
But I don't want to bore you to tears so...I won't.
But seriously. So much love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


We had family pictures done last weekend and I am DYING over every single one.
I'll share more but housework is beckoning so just this for now.

[[These (and all of our other family photos) were taken by Heather with HMF Photography. If you're in Salem and need pictures taken, BOOK HER. She's amazing.]]

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cash in February.

Loves to grab my hand and say, "Let's dancin'!"
Is cutting our nighttime snuggle shorter and shorter. It makes me sad.
Thinks suckers are just the best thing in the world.
Is really starting to warm up to people and be friendly. He even waves to our neighbors when they drive by.
Is finally leaving the 'terrible three's' behind. Thank God.
Rarely takes of his Thor hat. He even sleeps in it.
Thinks blowing spit bubbles is the coolest thing ever.

I love this boy.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Annnnd, we're back.

At least, we will be once I recover from a busy weekend of baby showers, family photos and visitors.
Ps, we have a computer again!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I feel like crickets should be chirping over's awfully quiet on the ol' blog as of late.
So here's what's going on lately:
I finally finished my first knitting project. It's a little ugly in spots but I love it. A knitting obsession is imminent.
Everett still refuses to turn over or crawl. He's happy scooting backwards or being carried everywhere. Silly boy.
Speaking of, he wants to be held all.the.time. Cash wasn't like that at all's exhausting.
Cash is all about wearing hats now. He even sleeps in them. It's awesome.
Nate and I are busy making plans for our next round of home improvement projects. Mostly painting and some new flooring but we're beginning to dream big with plans for the backyard. Home-owning is fun. And expensive.
I'm gearing up for my sister's baby shower this weekend. Why I thought making all the food AND doing a bunch of other crap would be a good idea, I'll never know.
Nate is on a new schedule now,, which means he is home 4 hours earlier then before. It rocks. He hasn't worked an 8 hour shift since Cash was a baby - having so much help in the afternoon is going to take some getting used to. I'm sure I'll manage.
And that's our life lately.