Monday, March 18, 2013


We've been a bit busy around here.
First off, my nephews were born on March 8th.
To say we're all completely in love is an understatement. I think Cash loves them the most though. He loves babies. You can tell he's the oldest.
So I've been busy helping them, doing laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking. You know, all that fun stuff.
Nate spent the entire weekend helping his friend install new floors in his house.
Cash and Everett both came home from the beach with a cold. Everett is already over it but Cash is having a hard time kicking it.
Everett is finally crawling, thank Jesus. And no, I'm really serious about being thankful. Having him get into everything is a hell of a lot better then listening to him whine all day. He's also trying to cut some teeth (4 of them, from what I can tell.) and so he's basically a screaming, crawling, cranky little demon. It's fun.
And that's life at the Crawford's lately.

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