Monday, April 8, 2013

Cash in April.

-- says, I love you like ice cream, every night after I tuck him in. It's the best thing in the world.

-- is obsessed with pirates, ships and knights. Boyhood is so fun.

-- is a budding little photographer in the works. He likes to take my phone to take pictures of...well, everything. My favorite is when I see him chasing Everett around saying, "Everett! Smile!"

-- lives for special outings with Nate. Even trips to the gas station are exciting because it's just the two of them. More often than not, he comes home with tales of eating ice cream at 10 in the morning, but who could be mad about that? Those are the things that he'll remember when he's grown and I love that Nate does it.

-- he finally loves to ride his bicycle. When it's nice, he and Nate will ride up and down our street in the afternoons while they wait for dinner to be done.

-- he likes to hold Everett's pudgy little hands and walk him around. Everett will squeal and laugh the whole time. I try not to watch because it makes me a little nervous, ha! But he is so careful with his brother. Most of the time.

-- he tried Chinese food for the first time last night and, to my surprise, actually liked it. Nate is thrilled.

-- we checked a book out from the library called, "My Life as a Chicken," and he is OBSESSED. We read it every night and I'm dreading the day we have to return it.

-- whenever his baby cousin's are around, he randomly gives them sweet little kisses. He's a lot nicer to them than he is to his brother!

-- is really struggling with being bossy lately. I know it's just a phase but it drives me crazy.

He's awesome.

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