Friday, April 12, 2013

I've been in a bit of funk lately.
Not really writing here, not using my camera a whole lot (the screen on my camera died a spectacular death on Easter - it still takes pictures but you can't see them. Which is sort of fun but also incredibly irritating,) and I've just been plain old moody.
Nate's working lots of overtime, Cash has become quite the expert at pushing my buttons and Everett is STILL working on pushing those bottom teeth through.
So it's been a bit rough around here.
Which is why I want to remember sweet moments like these.
Not the tantrums or the fights that happened that day.
Not the fact that my bathtub could really use a good scrubbing (cleaning the bathtub ranks pretty high on my list of chores I hate.)
But the way Cash plays with Everett. And the way Everett looks at him.
And how incredibly blessed I am to be able to call them my kids.

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