Friday, May 3, 2013

Today is swell.

Maybe it's because today is warm and sunny, with no hint of rain in the forecast for days.
Maybe it's because tonight is our first date night in a few months and we're going to see a movie that's not even animated.
But today, for whatever reason, is just awesome.
It hasn't been perfect.
Far from it, in fact.
Everett woke me at 5:15, Cash started the day with a potty accident that wasn't really an accident and I sliced the bejeezus out of my finger and practically saw stars.
And that was before noon.
But we also made lemonade popsicles, went to Home Depot, planted our flower garden, transplanted some herbs, made a significant dent in our laundry and exchanged lots of apology kisses.
So I'm going to call this day a win.

((Pictures from my phone.))

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